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New Book Coming Soon!
Saltwater: Poems about Dysfunction
Adam Levon Brown’s remarkable collection,

shaped as a connected series of poems of address,
takes us with shaking hand and clear voice through the heart of family trauma, into the life that must cope with its consequences,
and salvage from the nearly final wreckage the means
not only of survival, but transcendence.
It is a gift of light derived through confrontation,
narrative inquiry, persistent yearning to say what is needed,
and an arrival at voice that eclipses the narrative project.
The poem-by-poem evolution of language matching with near perfection voice, leg by leg, to journey elevates this collection
from remembrance to gift.


- Marc Zegans
  Author of La Commedia Sotterranea

New Book by Adam Levon Brown is not just a book about dysfunction or
private journaling about the depths of the horrors of dissociable
presence in privy or privileged stratums of a social setting, normally
referred to as 'society'. It is about beauty in brokenness and
brokenness in beauty. As the author states in one of his poems 'blame
is an easy problem, not a hard solution', this book is an awakening
for readers towards kinds of ignorance he/she wouldn't even be aware
of within themselves. It is easy to read a few articles on mental
health and consider oneself learned enough to know what's happening,
but this book opens us to a plethora of emotions sometimes dismissed
as overrated or repetitive, but has been produced from the vision of
an emerging empath tearing out from the fine-threaded cocoon of keeping obscure no longer as a means of keeping safe. Saltwater is a brave wound without the protection of a bandage exposing the unscabbed flesh in an engrossing swirl of metaphors that constructs visions and imagery relating about a boy who stands with his sword in a battle, yet prefers to keep it sheathed in want of being understanding of the
attack. Brown will show you how dreams are without boundaries and how
every breath is a silent prayer to the universe for wish of courage
rather than end. The emotions in this book have been articulated with
an innocence that will endear it to many readers. It promises us
neither medicine nor miracle, rather extends to us a series of
inspiring gestures towards self-love, self-value and self-awakening,
and that is enough in itself to begin walking, whether to or from
being the choice.

- Sheikha A., co-author of Nyctophiliac Confessions (Praxis), poet from
Pakistan and United Arab Emirates


Spoken Word

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  1. May
    Interview with Poetita on "Out of Our Minds"

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    Interview on the oldest, longest running poetry radio show in the USA
  2. Feb. 10
    Interview on "Strength to be Human" Podcast

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    An Interview with Mark Antoni Rossi via The Strength to be Human Podcast
  3. Feb 7
    Interview on Public Access TV Becomes Viewable

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    My interview on, "Poetry, Prose, and Personalities" will Air
  4. TBA
    Interview with Z.M Wise via Skype

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    An Interview between Z.M. Wise of Transcendent Zero Press and I
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Musings of a Madman

Adam does something amazing here - this book at first comes across as random pieces in different styles. But there is a common thread here, the madness of which Adam speaks is a collective madness - the reflections of a world and society gone insane. 

 Ed Osworth
Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

This book is incredible, it shows the thin line between mental illness and creativity and genius which often get mixed up. Often the poets pass on then the legacy begins. I highly recommend this book.

Michael Lee Johnson
Poet, Author, Publisher 
Itasca, IL.

Death is Not Our Holy Word

Adam, as always, has a knack for taking you places. It doesn’t matter if you want to go or not. Death Is Not Our Holy Word is a work that holds true to that sentiment. It’s dark and sinister and messes with your head. But that’s what it’s supposed to do. Adam takes you along into battle with him. Foaming at the mouth and felling enemies all the way.

 Zachary Dilks

There is a palpable tension between dark thoughts and hope, these grapple to great effect in his poem “Pressured Tidings” and other poems as one feels the tension between death and an unsettled will to live. Courageous and haunting, it is a remarkable​ collection for the literary-minded as well as those new to poetry.

Kelle Grace Gaddis
Poet. Author

Embedded Memories of a Shooting Star

I wasn’t quite sure how to take in the overwhelming imagery of this book at first, but after roaming through it a bit, I have to say that Embedded Memories of a Shooting Star is a gut-punching chapbook of poetry.
The book focuses on ways the brain reacts, self-exploration, and creation. The author throws you into a vortex of big bangs and otherworldly images, overloading you as the reader. I went from energized, to exhausted, to re-energized with each new poem, and I loved it.

- Weasel Patterson
Weasel Press


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My Bio

Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published poet in 14 countries. He is the author of  twelve poetry books. He identifies as Neurodivergent and Queer. He has had his work translated in Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, and Afrikaans. Boasting over 350 published pieces, you can find his writing at such publications as Burningword Literary Journal, Zany Zygote Review, Epigraph, Angel City Review, and Ariel Chart. He was long-listed in the 2016 Erbacce Prize poetry competition and received a special mention in the Pangolin Prize 2018 competition.
He recently started painting to reduce stigma surrounding mental health.

Brown is founder, owner, and editor-in-chief of Madness Muse Press LLC as well as assistant editor at Caravel Literary Arts Journal. He also volunteers as part of the social media team for the Oregon Poetry Association.

He is the author of  twelve poetry books and also has a chapbook forthcoming from Moran Press, titled, “Chasing Sanity at 7:30 PM.” and a title forthcoming from Weasel Press titled, “Klonopin Meets Sysiphus”

Brown was recently interviewed on the Public Access Television show, “Poetry, Prose, and Personalities” in Erie, Pennsylvania, and is set to appear on the oldest, longest running poetry radio show in the nation, “Out of Our Minds” in May, 2019.

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January 24, 2014

January 24, 2014

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