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Below, you can find access to many of my published poems. Simply click on the, "Read More" button and you will be taken to my other website where my poems are stored. 

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I offer eight different original Artivist coffee table poetry books. Welcome to Good Poetry. 

Embedded Memories of a Shooting Star

My very first Poetry book. Published by the renowned, "Transcendent Zero Press" out of Texas.  Short but cosmically sweet. 

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Death Is Not Our Holy Word 

A battle against death itself. Mired in metaphor, this book promises to grab you tight and never let go. 

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Growing Up Holy and Alone 

Deafening in its attempt to convey an early religious life. This book will floor you. *Guaranteed* 

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Love Letters to a Ghost Named C 

A teenage love story with twists and turns. You'll never see the ending coming. 

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Break: Poems on Mental Illness 

My memoir'ish poetry book designed to tell the greatest secrets of mental illness. You will dig it. 

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Klonopin Meets Sisyphus

A short but sweet poetry chapbook aimed to deliver  the goods. There is no other like it. 

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These Streets Don't Cry For Us

A poetry chapbook which tells the secrets of the homeless life. The only catch? You have to listen close to hear them. 

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Living on the Fringe - Poetry for the Outsider

3 books in 1. Some of my best work yet. Highly recommended for the poetry newby or heavyweight. 

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